We are pioneering the global development of an uncorrelated, alternative asset class.

Luzzo Tomi Group has a team of international consultants who combine market acumen and financial-market experience to provide customized, timely guidance on alternative investment analysis and trading. Our main offices are located in London, the heart of global finance, but we have representatives around the world providing real-time analysis of international alternative investment opportunities.


Our executives understand the subtleties of asset management in a multinational context, from analytics and event research to country review and risk management. On the most critical issues affecting today’s investors, our team is available to provide effective and value-adding solutions.

Our team comprises professionals possessing advanced proficiency in analyzing statistics in alternative investments, ongoing exploits from upcoming shifts and reading the market for unique investment opportunities. We utilize our dynamic knowledge, investment acumen and exemplary customer service to make alternative investments more accessible to the average investor.

Through our ongoing diligent research, we aim to assess global alternative markets in order to detect weaknesses, price inefficiencies, new opportunities and optimized trading strategies. We continually review international markets to provide efficient consulting to our clients in optimal trading and investment opportunities as they come up. Because our team is constantly browsing global financial markets and using innovative techniques to learn and gain insight, we are able to deliver the best advice to clients — helping them engineer an endgame of profitable, secure, and simple investments.

Our client satisfaction team provides impeccable service and support, helping Luzzo Tomi Group earn countless accolades for its unparalleled ability to unearth uncustomary investments while fulfilling the needs of a diverse, global investor base. At Luzzo Tomi, client service is deeply enmeshed in our corporate philosophy. Our team members understand our reputation is our only asset, and therefore deploy the best service for every investor, irrespective of his or her net worth.

In the last few years, we have hired — and continually train — a diverse and competent group of customer service representatives. Luzzo Tomi Group has an ongoing commitment to providing full transparency and to answering all client inquiries, even when emanating from prospects.

Contact us today, and find out why clients and industry specialists believe Luzzo Tomi Group is best positioned to prove that individualized investments are a real portfolio option. By working with us, you can diversify your investments, grow your portfolio and be one step closer to financial freedom.

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